Your Health Care Is Your Choice

Assess your options with an in-home nurse based in Shreveport, LA

You should always have the final say in your health care. United Home Health Care of Shreveport does everything possible to accommodate our private in-home care patients in the Shreveport, LA area. Because we're a small, local company, we do what large health care providers can't. We engage our patients in every decision, explaining their options and making personalized recommendations.

Your in-home nurse is here for you. Speak with one of our team members now to learn more about our programs.

Your care on your terms

Your care on your terms

Deciding on the appropriate medical care can sometimes be difficult. Large hospitals often give patients the run-around, sending them from one nurse to another. You might feel like you've lost control over your health. You can take it back when you get private in-home care from us. You'll have the freedom to make decisions in the comfort of your own home with an in-home nurse you know.

Working with a local, privately owned health care provider gives you control over your treatment. Schedule a consultation with us in Shreveport, LA or one of the surrounding areas today.