Agency Billing and Collection Methods

All approved home healthcare services are billed to Medicare Part A on your behalf and paid 100%. Part B services are paid on your behalf at the rate of 80/20 (for non-homebound patients). Medicaid covers persons who are certified to be needy and who do not have coverage under Medicare; services are limited to 50 visits annually by skilled nurses, physical therapists, and certified nursing assistants combined (is not limited to patients under 21). Private insurance payments are negotiated with different companies, for pre-approved services.

HMO, PPO, and other private insurance companies' restrictions and requirements vary depending on their contractual agreement with Medicare, HMO, patient, and United Home Health Care of Shreveport. Medicare HMO companies require co-insurance payment from patient, deductability, and pre-authorization for services. We recommend that all Medicare beneficieries examine these issues before switching from Medicare to Medicare HMO etc.

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